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  • Did you know that Triple Glazing can be over 40% more efficient than Double Glazing?

    What is Triple Glazing?

    Triple glazing is really as simple as it sounds. There are three bits of glass, two with a special coating for enhanced thermal performance, bonded with two warm edge spacer bars, both filled with argon gas.

  • Double glazed windows are a standard product in the property improvement industry, however there are alternatives. Some people opt for the Triple Glazed product or sometimes install Secondary Glazing when they're looking at improving the energy efficiency and thermal performance of their property.

    We're able to offer you a full range of high performance triple glazed casement windows, triple glazed tilt and turn windows, triple glazed bay windows...the list goes on. We can also offer triple glazed pvc doors as well as triple glazed composite doors.

    If you want to compare the cost to double glazing, our triple glazing is on average around 10% more expensive at the point of purchase. For the small one off investment, you can achieve over 40% improvement in thermal efficiency as well as the reduction in noise from outside sources.

    At The Home Improvement Company, we know that making the correct decision is crucial when your looking to improve your home. Replacement Triple Glazing should be an investment, not just a purchase. The new Triple Glazing products that we provide should be working to save you money on your heating bills , add value to your property, help drown out the external noise whilst also enhancing the appearance of your property.

    If you're interested in finding out more about triple glazing or getting a triple glazing quotation, give us a call on 01382 679333, or use the online contact form and we'll get back to you..