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  • Initially finding out useful information about solar panels is tricky and we’ll look to make your Solar System Installation as easy as possible.

    First of all lets breakdown how a typical solar panel system will work.

    Solar panel Systems capture the suns energy using photovoltaic cells. Direct sunlight is not needed for the cells to produce electricity, they still generate electricity on a cloudy day.

  • The cells in turn convert the sunlight/daylight into electricity which is then used to run your household electricity consumption and pay you the Feed in Tariff & Export Tariff (more info on these to follow).

    We will provide you with the best Solar Energy Installation possible. Our experienced team of surveyors will guide you through the whole process ensuring that you understand exactly how the system will work and how much it will generate for you. We conduct a full survey of the property to maximise your profits on the solar system. Once the system is installed an EPC (Energy Performance Certificate) is required to apply for the Feed in Tariff which we include as part of the solar system package.

    This list shows the key benefits of using and generating your own solar electricity-

    * Solar PV cells are built up from layers of semi-conducting material. When light shines on Solar PV cells it creates an electric field across the layers. More electricity is produced the more the sun shines. Groups of these cells are mounted together that make up a panel. The Solar PV panels are mounted on your roof with no direct shading in place.

    * Having solar panels allow you to reduce your electricity bills. As the system will generate free electricity during daylight hours. (The amount depends on the system installed)

    * Get paid for the electricity that you generate. Through the Government’s feed in tariff (FIT) you are paid a set amount for every unit of electricity you produce, even if you’re using the electricity, on top of this you are paid an extra amount from an extra incentive which is called the export tariff.

    * Reduce your carbon footprint. Having a solar system allows you to reduce your carbon footprint, using renewable energy doesn’t release any harmful pollutants. You will save an extremely large amount of carbon dioxide that your property produces per year by using a solar system.

    In general planning permission is not required to have a solar system installed as they fall under current home improvement regulations. Although if you reside in a conservation area we do recommend you to check with your local authority initially.

    Solar Panels require little maintenance, panels that are tilted by more than 15 degrees have the additional benefit of being cleaned by rainfall that ensures optimal performance.

    So call today and arrange for one our experienced surveyors to come out and get a system arranged today!