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  • Patio Door Installers

  • Our Patio Doors are available in a 2, 3 or 4 panel designs, the new Patio Doors boasts many features that are sure to make it a winning addition to our impressive product portfolio. Fully steel reinforced for strength and durability, the Inline Sliding Patio Doors comes complete with anti-lift blocks and the option of anti-drill/anti-pick cylinders for extra security. Multi-point hook locks further enhance the security of the new door.

    In order to complement existing windows and doors, Inline Sliding Patio Doors are available with fully sculptured sashes in either white, Rosewood or Golden Oak.

    In addition to security and style, thermal performance was a key factor in the development of these new Patio Doors. Double brush seals on all four sides have been incorporated, triple chamber profiles and the unique quadruple seal interlock to ensure excellent protection against the very worst of the British weather. All of this is backed up by a ten year product guarantee – we believe that the new Inline Sliding Patio Doors really does offer way much more than good looks.