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  • Insulation Installers

  • At the Home Improvement Company we have access to funding for both Free Loft & Cavity Wall Insulation, by utilising schemes such as the Energy Company Obligation. These free insulation offers are available to both Homeowners, Tenants (with landlord consent) & Landlords. 

    When our surveyors visit your home they will assess whether a top up of insulation is necessary and find the correct funding arrangement to ensure that the work carried out can be completed free of charge.

  • Why Have Loft Insulation? 

    You lose 25% of your homes heat through your roof by having inadequate insulation, by having 300mm of loft insulation fitted this will help you reduce energy costs.  

    By insulating your loft the difference is note able straight away, your heating does not need to be on as much and your home will retain the heat much longer. Based on research on a detached, 3 bedroom home you can save up to £250 per year.

  • Cavity Wall Insulation

  • Around 30% of a buildings heat loss will occur through its walls, Cavity Wall Insulation will help you keep the heat in your property. 

    Insulating cavity walls is one of the most cost-effective ways to make your home greener and more energy efficient. It's simple and clean to install - the insulation is blown into the cavity between the building's external and internal walls to provide a blanket layer which stops heat escaping.

  • The Images show how it works, Insulation is drilled into the cavity that is between your internal and external walls where your property is currently losing heat. The Insulation work is completed from outside the property. 

    Contact us today to find out how cavity wall insulation could increase your comfort and energy efficiency.