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  • EPC (Energy Performance Certificate)

  • The government introduced a new scheme that records how energy efficient and environmentally competent a property is. By doing this it ensured that they were fully compliant with the Energy Performance of Building Directives (EPBD). 

    Under current legislation you are not able to rent or sell your property if you do not have an up to date EPC (Energy Performance Certificate). The EPC provides you with details of the energy efficiency and CO2 emissions that are in the property. And also provides prospective tenants and buyers and opportunity to see what the energy performance of the household is, and look at areas in which they can improve the efficiency of the household.

  • The surveyor that carries out the EPC will be a fully trained Energy Surveyor and they will ask you questions regarding items that are in your property- boiler, double glazing etc. The information derived from the survey are then processed into our software that gives your property a rating of between A to G. (A being the most efficient). 

    The EPC will be valid for 10 years, although if there are changes made in the property that may change the energy efficiency of the property it is advised to renew the certificate. On the report it shows you how to improve the efficiency of your home and an indicative idea as to what they will cost.