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  • Composite Door Installers

  • Our composite doors are growing in popularity as home owners are becoming more discerning and sophisticated in their buying decision.

    The composite doors exceed the needs of home owners when it comes to style, performance and service, and are available in a wide range of popular RAL colours, white and traditional solid wood grain finishes.

    Energy Efficient Composite Doors

    Composite doors help keep the warmth in, and cold and noise out, because of their high performing, CFC-free, PV foam insulated core. Our range of composite doors can thermally outperform solid timber core composite doors and traditional timber paneled doors.

    All of our Composite doors are made to measure and are all available with a high performance aluminium low threshhold (part M).

    Our doors are made to reduce energy loss by as much as 85% compared to traditional timber doors. The CFC free polyurethane foam used in the inner core and the timber free construction make it more environmentally friendly.

    Secured by Design

    They also make your home more secure as they have an impact resistant outer skin with rigid polymer subframe, high density polyurethane foam core, secure hinges and a high security multi-point lock.

    Single and Double Rebated Composite Doors

    We offer the common single rebated door at 44mm thick and the high performance double rebated door at 68mm. The double rebated door has a double compression seal inside and out, while the standard 44mm single rebated door has a single compression seal. This means that a double rebate door offers better protection against water penetration and improved weather and acoustic performance.

    Not only are double rebate doors easier to install and adjust on-site compared to single rebate doors, the double rebate allows for greater tolerance in movement between the door leaf and outerframe during installation, compared to installing a standard uPvc door.

    The double rebated door is the thickest on the market at 68mm, a full 30% more than the standard 44mm door slab used in the single rebate door.

    This all adds up to the double rebated door being an almost impenetrable door which is warp free and has superior weather and noise insulation.